Operation Oasis: Puerto Rico

$19,661 of $232,000 raised

Operation OASIS aims to bring cost-effective water solutions to Puerto Rico, as a collaborative project between the National Puerto Rican Leadership Council (NPRLCEF) and WaterStep, a nonprofit that provides safe water to communities in developing countries. The goal is to bring potable water solutions to the island and in every municipality.

We need your help to cover the cost of this 58 remaining units. Each unit approximate cost is $4K, the total needed NOW is $232,000.00. General Electric already paid for the first 20 units and offered their PR headquarters as an operation center.

WaterStep has traveled the globe providing safe water relief to those in need since 2009 using their water cleaning technologies in the wake of natural disasters, like the 2014 Ebola outbreak, fighting the cholera outbreak in Haiti, earthquake-affected regions of Nepal, and most recently in regions of the Caribbean and South Florida after hurricane Irma. With more than a decade of missions to India, Asia, Africa and Central and South America, WaterStep staff provides aid by forming local partnerships in devastated areas to bring safe water and health practices to communities.

Join the National Puerto Rican Leadership Council’s effort in making Operation OASIS Oa success to make water accessible to the people of Puerto Rico. https://vimeo.com/148948429

We are appealing to your generosity.

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