What We Do

The National Puerto Rican Leadership Council Education Fund is a Florida non-profit corporation created to help pass the “leadership torch” to future generations. We believe education is the key of a successful tomorrow. The organization made up of Puerto Ricans – and individuals that identify with Puerto Rico – living in the United States. We do not discriminate. We are open to help and welcome everyone in the community.

The mission of the NPRLCEF is “Inspiring future generations through unbiased education and exemplary leadership”.

This initiative emerged as a consensus among community leaders of a need to promote higher education among our young and instill useful leadership principles that will emerge naturally in their future professional, business or community life.

The main goal of the organization is to create an environment for Puerto Ricans and others living in the Mainland to get community leaders, government leaders and corporate partners excited at the prospects of developing leaders by promoting cultural and community values at an early age.

We are certain you will want to join the NPRLCEF and help achieve our common objectives. Let’s work together to reignite our passion for education and leadership among our young.

“Puerto Rico Day In Tallahassee”